What You Need to Know about Whisky Barrels

0.PNGA barrel refers to a hollow cylindrically shaped container that is made of wooden board for storing drinks. The casks are made of different shapes, size and design depending on the type of liquid in them. Barrel making is a broad industry with people who specialize in making the barrels, such individuals are referred to as coopers. There are different types of barrels, these include cooperage, pipe, pins, butter churns, buckets, firkins, tierces, puncheons, breakers, among others. Barrels are used for storing different types of liquids including storing liquids such as sake, water , and beverages such as beer, wine, port, whiskey, as well as sherry. Other than storing liquids such as water and oils, barrels are also used for maturing of beverages. See more on oak barrels here.
Whisky barrels, as the name suggest, are used as an aging agent, when whisky is stored in the barrels and left for some time, the drink matures hence making it tastier. The processors of whisky brands do insert oxygen into the barrels to assist in the aging process. During whisky processing, manufacturers do prefer using wooden barrels since they are believed to contain essential compounds that are vital in the aging process, however, the compounds depends on several factors including the magnitudes and number of times the barrels have been toasted, the ways in which the stave are cut as well as the place of origin of the barrels. Most countries require whiskey manufactures to process age the drinks in wooden barrels. Besides, the whisky need to be stored for at least two years in new, wooden containers. In addition, the international laws require the whisky processing companies making whisky with the label “Scotch” to be distilled in Scotland and left maturing for at least three years.

When a whisky making company wants to age the beverage, it can choose from the following types of barrels, hogshead, barrel butt, puncheon, barrique, quarter cask, port pipe, Madeira drum, among others. Wooden barrels plays a vital role in the aging of whisky since they transfer certain aromas into the spirit. Other than whisky and brandy, other types of beverages that need ageing include balsamic vinegar, tequila, beers, as well as soft drinks. Read more on personalized whiskey barrel here.

When you want to make the whisky be tastier, these guides will assist you in the aging process. One of the essential factor to consider when making whisky is to ensure that the temperature in the barrels is maintained throughout.

Furthermore, whisky making companies need to watch the level of whisky with new barrels since the new barrels often absorb more wine in the beginning of the process than the older ones. Moreover, whisky processing companies need to ensure that their barrels are raked after every three years. Read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel.